Good LGB-Inclusive News from Bioware!

One of my biggest complaints (though I really don’t have a lot of them) with the Mass Effect series was the lack of LGB-inclusive relationships the hero, Commander Shepherd could have. In both ME 1 and 2, there were not a lot of options for queer relationships, particularly for male Shepherd, who does not have any non-female love interests at all throughout both games.

Now, as lead producer Casey Hudson confirms, ME 3 will be the most LGB-inclusive game in the series yet! Hopefully there will be an equal distribution of LGB and straight relationships.

Bioware has been a leader among other game companies in consistently putting queer relationships and queer characters into their game content, and keep their queer fans in mind. Recently, Bioware defended Dragon Age 2’s gay content after complaints from a straight male gamer, saying, "the person who says that the only way to please them is to restrict options for others is, if you ask me, the one who deserves it least." Bioware shows more understanding that gaming should be made more inclusive in order to have an inclusive audience, and that strictly appealing to the cis-male, white, straight gamer is not necessary, or even preferred, in order to be successful and make great games.

So LGB gamers and allies, let’s hope that we can trust that Mass Effect 3 will be a game filled with LGB inclusive content. So play on, and romance whoever you want: gay, straight, queer, genderless, no labels, or whomever.